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Pink Camo Bracelet šŸŒø

Pink Camo Bracelet šŸŒø

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The Pink Camouflage pattern features a military forest camp pattern.

The Buddy BraceletĀ Story

Our team loves dogs, and we are passionateĀ aboutĀ giving hope to homeless rescue dogsĀ in shelters. Naturally, we wanted to create a product that empowered us to connect with other dogĀ lovers and start a movement that helpsĀ rescues.Ā 

The Rescue Bracelet isĀ what we came up with. A premium, handmade bracelet for humans styled like a dogĀ collar. Each bracelet sold feeds a homeless dogĀ around the globe.

Sizing ChartĀ 
Small - fits wrist with circumference of 6"
Medium - fits wrist with circumference of 6.5"
Large - fits wrist with circumference of 7.5"

*Note. Sizing chart is in inches, prices are in USD.šŸ¶šŸ•